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A collection of Children's books that I have loved for a long time or just recently had the opportunity to love.

Is there such thing as TOO long a name?

Tikki Tikki Tembo - Arlene Mosel, Blair Lent

Tikki Tikki Tembo is another classic book from my childhood that I loved to have read to me and read myself. Honestly, anywho we reads the full name of the first son can’t help but smile because it’s just fun to say! This is another book that has a beat while reading it and is a hit with shared reading due to the expression in the second son’s voice having to repeat his brother’s long name over and over again. This book is sure to give the any age group a giggle and also make them appreciate their names a little more. A great lesson using this book would be reading this book aloud to the class and having a writing assignment to allow the students to describe why they love their name and possibly the story behind why their parent chose it if there is a story. When they are done writing, allow them one by one to come up to the teacher’s desk and look up their name meaning online for fun to add at the bottom of their page. A great way to start the year with self love! 


Guided Reading Level: N