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A collection of Children's books that I have loved for a long time or just recently had the opportunity to love.

The most intelligent princess of them all!

The Paper Bag Princess  - Robert Munsch, Michael Martchenko

A funny book with a princess and a lesson that the boys and the girls in your classroom will love! What begins with what seems to be a very snobby princess ends with a lesson on self esteem and knowing your worth. Also, this princess refuses to give up and instead chooses to use her brain to outsmart the dragon in a great cat and mouse style game. What a great book to remind your students how big and mighty their brains are and how you don’t have to be the biggest one in the room or have the most stuff, but if you have knowledge, it’s powerful. I’d love to use this in my classroom one day as a lesson to teach retelling a story on storyboards. Having the class split up into groups to decorate a poster board with a different part of the story and have them lined up at the end to retell the story in their own words. 


Guided Reading Level: K