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A collection of Children's books that I have loved for a long time or just recently had the opportunity to love.

Chicken Soup with Rice ALL the time.

Chicken Soup with Rice: A Book of Months - Maurice Sendak

First off, If you haven’t read this book yet, just go listen to the audio version first THEN go back and read the book. When I read this book in my classroom, I will make sure to play the audio book video for my class because the song that goes with then book just makes it that much more fun! The little boy in the book loves chicken soup with rice so much, he has to make it known that it can be eaten during any month of the year. Such a fun and creative way for students to learn not only the months of the year but also the seasons and what goes on during those seasons in a lesson. I would have my students do a writing assignment in their journals to tell me their favorite season or time of year or they could tell me about their favorite food that they could eat all year long.


Guided Reading Level: M