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Miss Rodgers' Riveting Reads

A collection of Children's books that I have loved for a long time or just recently had the opportunity to love.


Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

Another classic story book for the classroom for all age readers. This book is a fun example of what a child’a imagination is really like and also how quickly these imaginative thoughts can begin and end. The little boy goes on his own adventure to an island of wild things and dances the night away all in a matter of 5 minutes after being sent to his room without dinner only to return to reality and have dinner hot and waiting on him in his room. This book is an awesome opening book for discussing creative thinking and writing. I will use this book to introduce journaling in my room and having the freedom of imagination to write whatever my students want. Also, I would love to use as a retelling lesson where groups act out the events of the story. 


Guided Reading Level: J